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How to walk in stiletto high heels?

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So you bought a very sexy stiletto high heel shoes but you have never worn any stiletto high heels before and you are worried about it?

Take it easy, and follow these simple suggestions!

If the shoes are brand new, you could wear them for a while at home. When you do this, you might wear a pair of socks or thick tights, so the shoes will be more comfortable.

Before going out you should try your new high heel shoes at home for at least 20 minutes, in order to soften them and to get your feet used to the shape of your high heel shoes.

If you have never worn any high heel shoes before, or you do it very rarely, you might try to gradually increase the height of the heel. If you have a collection of shoes with different heel heights, you can practice with them. When you are confident enough with a small heel, you can then try with an higher one. Soon you will be able to walk with your new stiletto high heels.

Another thing you can do is a simple exercise. You should do this daily, and after a while you will notice that your feet become much stronger. Just raise up to the ball of your foot while keeping toes relaxed, lifting the heel as much as you can. Repeat this exercise a few time.

What to do when you are walking on your stiletto high heel shoes?

Try to turn your legs a little outward, in this way you will stand more firmly.

Relax your knees, your stomach muscles and your inside thighs.

Relax your hands and your arms.
Take care of your feet. Massage your toes on a daily basis, this will make them stronger and more relaxed.
Don’t buy cheap shoes, a good pair of shoes will also be much more comfortable.


I hope this article about how to walk with stiletto high heels was helpful for you. Feel free to comment it, I’m interested in your feedback and in your suggestions!